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Duration : 03 Year
Eligibility : 10th with Science & Mathematics
Intake : 25/40/60(As approved by AICTE/State Govt.)
Pattern of the Examination : Semester System
Assessment Type : The assessment will we carry out through credit point system/Learning Based Out comes
Theory & Practical Ratio : 50: 50
Industrial Training: Included after IInd Semester
Ecology & Environment : As pe Government Directions a subject named Environmental Science & Energy Management has been included.
Entrepreneurship Development: A subject on Entrepreneurship Development has been incorporated after IInd Semester.
General Proficiency : A provision of 6 periods per week has been made. It Included of various cocurricular activities like games, hobby clubs, seminars, declamation contests, extension lectures, NCC, NSS, cultural activities and discipline etc.


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Note: Relevant theory may be taught along with practical exercises in each topic.

1.       Introduction to 2-D CAD (6 hrs)

§  Starting AutoCAD

§  Options to create new drawings

§  Units

§  Limits

§  Zoom

§  Pan

§  Snap

§  Grid

§  Ortho

§  Commands in the menu

§  Save, save as, quit, close, exit.

§  Open a new, existing drawing

Exercise: Setting up a new drawing with units, limits, etc and creating files and folders.

2.      Drawing Commands (10 hrs)

§  Line

§  Poly line/Double line.

§  Arc

§  Ellipse

§  Polygon

§  Rectangle

§  Circle 

§  Sketch

§  Hatch

§  Donuts

§  Layer and its application

§  Purge

Exercise: Making a composition of different geometrical shapes using various drawing commands.

3.      Modifying an Existing Drawing (17 hrs) .

§  Redraw and regen all

§  Regen auto

§  Undo Redo/loops

§  Trim

§  Move

§  Offset

§  Rotate

§  Array

§  Stretch

§  Divide

§  Chamfer

§  Erase

§  Break

§  Copy, multiple copy

§  Mirror

§  Change (change properties, match properties) .

§  Extend

§  Explode

§  Scale

§  Fillet

Exercise: Modifying composition, making plan, elevation and section of simple building.

4.      Dimensioning and Text (13 hrs) .

§  Dimension type, style, units.

§  Dimension utilities and variables.

§  Dimensioning of different elements like (Horizontal, vertical, inclined, Arc. Circle, Radius, diameter), continuous dimensioning etc. .

§  Editing dimension text and updating (adding new text and editing existing text)

§  Text style- font types, height, width etc.

§  Text commands like M-text and D-text ) .

§  Making seals for drawings

Exercise: Dimensioning and editing text in composition made in Sections 3 and 4.

5.      Making and Inserting Blocks .

§  Blocks

§  Insert block

§  Base

§  Using library for blocks

§  W-block

Exercise: Inserting furniture, fixtures, trees etc. in the plans, elevations and sections.

6.      Plotting Drawings

§  Plot command

§  Selecting plot device

§  Selecting paper size and type

§  Scale of plot

§  Selecting black and white or colored plots

§  Selecting area for plotting

§  Selecting appropriate print speed, quality

§  Print preview


The teachers should lay emphasis on developing computer operating skills in the students. Expert lectures and field demonstration may be arranged. 

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