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Duration : 03 Year
Eligibility : 10th with Science & Mathematics
Intake : 25/40/60(As approved by AICTE/State Govt.)
Pattern of the Examination : Semester System
Assessment Type : The assessment will we carry out through credit point system/Learning Based Out comes
Theory & Practical Ratio : 50: 50
Industrial Training: Included after IInd Semester
Ecology & Environment : As pe Government Directions a subject named Environmental Science & Energy Management has been included.
Entrepreneurship Development: A subject on Entrepreneurship Development has been incorporated after IInd Semester.
General Proficiency : A provision of 6 periods per week has been made. It Included of various cocurricular activities like games, hobby clubs, seminars, declamation contests, extension lectures, NCC, NSS, cultural activities and discipline etc.


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Definition of chemical engineering, scope of chemical engineering with respect to

new emerging areas in the field of chemical engineering like environmental

engineering, bio-chemical and biomedical engineering, membrane techniques,

polymer science & engineering, factors to be taken in to account in the location of

New chemical industries.

Normality, Molarity, Molality, Weight Percent, Volume percent, Mole percent Mole fraction, Weight fraction, Simple numerical problems.

Ideal gas law, PVT relationship, Normal temperature and pressure (NTP), Standard temperature and Pressure conditions (STP).Gaseous Mixtures: Partial Pressure, Pure component volume, Dalton’s Law, Amagat’s Law, Relation between Partial pressure, Mole fraction of component gas to Total pressure. Average Molecular weight of gas mixture, Density of gas mixture, Simple numerical problems.

Scope of Material and Energy balance in process Industries.

Classification of system of units- Base units, Derived units and multiple units, Conversion of units.

Basic chemical Calculations: Atomic weight, Molecular weight, Basis of Calculation, Gram atom, Gram mole, Equivalent weight, Simple numerical Problems,

The teacher should make the students aware of the fundamentals of chemical engineering.

Its scope with respect to the new emerging areas in the field of chemical engineering like

Environmental Engineering , Polymer Science, Bio-Chemical etc.

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