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Duration : 03 Year
Eligibility : 10th with Science & Mathematics
Intake : 25/40/60(As approved by AICTE/State Govt.)
Pattern of the Examination : Semester System
Assessment Type : The assessment will we carry out through credit point system/Learning Based Out comes
Theory & Practical Ratio : 50: 50
Industrial Training: Included after IInd Semester
Ecology & Environment : As pe Government Directions a subject named Environmental Science & Energy Management has been included.
Entrepreneurship Development: A subject on Entrepreneurship Development has been incorporated after IInd Semester.
General Proficiency : A provision of 6 periods per week has been made. It Included of various cocurricular activities like games, hobby clubs, seminars, declamation contests, extension lectures, NCC, NSS, cultural activities and discipline etc.


Paper Code :
Paper Name :
Why is sectioning necessary, Hatching –BIS Conventions, Section of Prisms and
Cubes, Section of Pyramids and Tetrahedrons, Section of Cylinders, Section of Cones,
Section of Spheres, Section of Combinations of Solids and Section of Truncated or
Frustum Solid, Sectional views & Conventions of Materials and Steel Sections(03
Method of development of Lateral surface, Development of Cubes, Development of
Prism and Cylinder, Development of Truncated Prism and Cylinders, Development of
Pyramids and Cones, Development of Frustum or Truncated Pyramids and Cones and
their Application Such as Tray, Funnel, Chimney, Pipe Bends etc. (03sheets)
Nomenclature of threads, Types of threads, Forms of various external thread, Sections
such as V, Square and Acme threads, BA, BSW and Knuckle, Metric, Seller Thread,
Buttress Threads, Simplified conventions of left hand and right hand threads, both
external and internal threads, Single start, double start and multiple start threads
Different views of hexagonal and square nuts; Assembly of hexagonal headed, square
headed, square headed with square neck, bolts with hexagonal and square nuts and
washers. Locking Devices -Lock nut, castle nut, split pin nut, sawn nut, slotted nut
Drawing various types of machine screws, Drawing various types of studs and set
screws, drawing various type of wooden screws
Various types of keys and cotters and their practical application and Preparation of
drawing of various keys and cotters showing keys and Cotters in position, Cotter joints
(i) Gib and Cotter Joint (ii) Knuckle Joint
Rivets and Riveted Joints , Types of structural and general purposes rivet heads,
Caulking and fullering of riveted joints, Types of riveted joints – lap, butt (single riveted,
double riveted lap joint, single cover plate and double cover plate), chain and zig – zag
riveting, Muff or Box coupling, half lap muff coupling
Drawing Lines- Point Line, Point Line Extended, Line From an Angle, Horizontal Line,
Vertical Line, 2-Point Rectangle, Rectangle with Dimensions, Angle Bisector, Parallel
Line , with Distance, Parallel Line thru a Point, Line Tangent to Point and Circle or Arc,
Line Tangent to 2-Circles or Arcs, Line from Relative Angle, Orthogonal Line, Polygon
Centre and Point, Polygon 2-Points.Modify Tools- Move Tool, Rotate Tool, Scale Tool,
Mirror Tool, Move and Rotate Tool, Rotate Tool, Trim Tool, Trim Both Tool, Lengthen
and Shorten Tool, Stretch Tool, Clip to Rectangle Tool. Text Tools- Text Size and
Layers, Text Tool Window, Complex Text in Dimensions, Edit Text with Property
Block- Insert Block, Modify Block Insertion Parameters, Replicate Block in Drawing
with, Modify Tool, Block Configure Menu, Where is Block Stored, Create and Edit a
Block Create Empty Block.

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