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Duration :
Eligibility : 10th with Science & Mathematics
Intake : 25/40/60(As approved by AICTE/State Govt.)
Pattern of the Examination : Semester System
Assessment Type : The assessment will we carry out through credit point system/Learning Based Out comes
Theory & Practical Ratio : 50: 50
Industrial Training: Included after IInd Semester
Ecology & Environment : As pe Government Directions a subject named Environmental Science & Energy Management has been included.
Entrepreneurship Development: A subject on Entrepreneurship Development has been incorporated after IInd Semester.
General Proficiency : A provision of 6 periods per week has been made. It Included of various cocurricular activities like games, hobby clubs, seminars, declamation contests, extension lectures, NCC, NSS, cultural activities and discipline etc.


Paper Code :
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1.1 Equation of straight line in various standard forms (one point slope form, slope
intercept form, two point form, intercept form & normal form), inter section of
two straight lines, angle between two lines. Perpendicular distance formula.
1.2 General equation of a circle and its characteristics. To find the equation of a circle
given (i) Centre and radius (ii) Three points on it (iii) Co-ordinates of end points
of a diameter.
1.3 Equations of conics (ellipse, parabola and hyperbola), simple problems related
to engineering (standard forms only).

1.1- Definition, Order, Degree, Linear and Non-linear differential equatios.

 1.2    Formation of differential equations ( upto second order).

1.3 Solution of first order differential equation-

(a) Variable Separable (b) Homogeneous (c) Reducible to Homogeneous (d) Linear differential


(e) Bernoulli’s Equation (simple problem) (f) Exact differential Equation.

1.1-Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode

1.2. Measures of Dispersion: Mean deviation, Standard deviation 

1.3.  Co-efficient of rank correlation.

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