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Duration : 03 Year
Eligibility : 10th with Science & Mathematics
Intake : 25/40/60(As approved by AICTE/State Govt.)
Pattern of the Examination : Semester System
Assessment Type : The assessment will we carry out through credit point system/Learning Based Out comes
Theory & Practical Ratio : 50: 50
Industrial Training: Included after IInd Semester
Ecology & Environment : As pe Government Directions a subject named Environmental Science & Energy Management has been included.
Entrepreneurship Development: A subject on Entrepreneurship Development has been incorporated after IInd Semester.
General Proficiency : A provision of 6 periods per week has been made. It Included of various cocurricular activities like games, hobby clubs, seminars, declamation contests, extension lectures, NCC, NSS, cultural activities and discipline etc.


Paper Code :
Paper Name :
Graphics instruments and their uses, Sizes and layout of standard graphic sheets and
graphic boards, Different types of lines in engineering graphics as per BIS
specifications Free hand lettering (alphabet and numerals) lower case and upper case,
single stroke vertical and inclined at different standard series of 2.5, 3, 5, 7, 10, and
15 mm heights.
Necessity of dimensioning, Types of dimensioning (chain, parallel and progressive
dimensioning) size and location dimensioning Methods of placing dimensioning
(Aligned and unidirectional system), use of leader lines. General principles of
dimensioning, Dimensioning of overall sizes, circles, thread holes, chamfered
surfaces, angles, tapered surface holes equally spaced on PCD, counter sunk hole
counter bored holes, cylindrical parts, narrow space and gaps, radii, curves and
Simple geometrical Constructions; Constructions of regular polygons (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon) and circle, Ellipses (concentric circle method and Intersecting Arcs method ,Directrix and focus method), Parabola (rectangle and tangent method, Directrix and focus method) Hyperbola (Directrix and focus
method, Transverse axis and focus method), Cycloids, Epicycloids, Hypocycloids, involutes of regular polygons and circles , Helix: (conical, parallel, Spiral).
Scale – their need and importance, Definition of representative fraction (R.F),find RF of given scale , Construction of plain and diagonal scales
Principle of orthographic projection and introduction to first angle projection and third angle projection, Projection of points situated in different quadrants, Projection of lines, Lines inclined to one plane and parallel to the other and vice versa (all quadrants); Line inclined to both reference planes (HP and VP) and limited to both ends in same quadrant. Projection of Planes triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and circular) ,Planes perpendicular to one refrence plane and parallel to other, planes inclined to one refrence plane and perpendicular to other or vice versa (1st& 3rd quadrants), Projection of solids, such as Prism, ,Pyramid
(triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal hexagonal), Cone, Cube, Cylinder Tetrahydron, Frustum with axis perpendicular to one refrence plane and axis inclined to one refrence plane and parallel to other refrence plane. Orthographic views of given pictorial views (1st and 3rd angle)
Fundamentals of Isometric projections/views (Theoretical instructions) and Isometric
Scales , Isometric views/projections of different types of planes, Isometric
views/projections of different types of solids , Isometric views/projections of
combination of regular solids like cylinder, cone, cube, prism and pyramid,
Conversion of Isometric views from given Orthographic projections.
Civil engineering sanitary fitting symbols , Electrical fitting symbols for interior
installations, Electronic symbols.
Introduction of Qcad Window, Drawing Tools, Snap Tools, Drawing Area, Status
Line, List Docking Area, Loading and Naming Files, Saving Files, Don't
Overwrite, Fileload Auto, Zoom, Grid Scale Adjusts to File, Pen Toolbar, Zoom
Auto Tool, Help Menu, Grid Dots Control, Coordinate Display, Mouse
Status.Coordinate System- Types of Coordinates, Center of Origin, Drawing Area
Rulers, X-Y Coordinates, Polar Coordinates, Polar Angle Measurement, Relative
Reference Point

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